MyAIRVO2 Therapy

MyAIRVO2 therapy provides warmed and humidified gas administered through slightly enlarged nasal prongs. Oxygen fraction can be adjusted according to clinical requirements. Near-saturated humidity and gas warmed to body temperature allows tolerance of high flow rates.

Patients may be identified by medical teams as requiring myAIRVO2 therapy within the home setting. LRS are able to provide affordable rental packages, with full breakdown cover and clinical support for care teams supporting patients on MyAirvo2 at home. Additionally specialist clinical support can be provided to facilitate the transition from hospital to home.


LRS provides:

  • Short term or long term myAIRVO2 rentals (Inclusive of consumables and breakdown response services)
  • Rental plan with purchase options

MyAIRVO2 Clinical Support Services:

  • Home myAIRVO2 set-up
  • Training for community teams