About Us

Accessing the care you require

LRS recognise how difficult it can be to access specialist healthcare services outside of the clinical setting when you need them most. Unfortunately, not being able to access the specialist care you require can increase risk of further health complications which may result in admission to hospital services.

How Can We Help?

LRS eliminate the challenges associated with having to travel in for clinic appointments, by delivering specialist care directly to patients within their own homes. Having access to specialist care and services within the home can reduce the risk of requiring admission to hospital and improve the overall experience of how you receive your healthcare.

The LRS Team

LRS provide highly specialised Respiratory Physiotherapy in the home environment, supporting patients recovering from acute illness and long term conditions. LRS also collaborate with other healthcare professionals, equipment companies and home healthcare providers to deliver holistic, multi-disciplinary, patient-centred care. The teams we work with have extensive experience and a proven track record of working with complex acute and chronic illness in the NHS and private sectors.