About Us

Accessing the Physiotherapy you require

LRS recognise how difficult it can be to access specialist Physiotherapy services outside of the hospital setting. Not having access to the specialist care you require can limit your recovery, and in some circumstances may even increase the risk of further health complications in the future.

How can we help?

The LRS Physiotherapy team eliminate the challenges associated with having to travel in for clinic appointments, by delivering specialist Respiratory and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, directly to patients within their own homes, or virtually via remote platforms like Zoom. Our HCPC registered Physiotherapists have extensive experience and a proven track record of working with a variety of conditions in the NHS and private sectors.

What does Respiratory and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy help with?

If you are currently recovering from a period of illness or injury, or experience symptoms related to a long term condition, Respiratory or Rehabilitation Physiotherapy may be able to help. Here are just some examples of the ways in which we help our clients:

  • Rehabilitation after prolonged illness - Helping you work towards your personal goals
  • Exercise for older adults - Stay stronger and fitter for longer
  • Self-management of long term conditions - Advice and education to empower you with managing your condition (Conditions include those relating to the Heart, lungs, Neurological and Musculoskeletal systems)
  • Preparation for surgery and support getting back to fitness after the procedure
  • Techniques to aid clearance of secretions and reduce breathlessness
  • Personal coaching to ensure comfort and success with CPAP and sleep therapies
  • Close monitoring of medical conditions and early recognition of deterioration

Get in touch with our Physiotherapy team to find out more about the services we provide