Respiratory Physiotherapy

How can Respiratory Physiotherapy help?

Whether you are recovering from acute illness or long term respiratory complications, Physiotherapy can help at all ages and at all stages of the disease, from early diagnosis, through chronic illness. Respiratory Physiotherapy can provide support within the following areas:

  • Techniques to aid clearance of secretions and reduce breathlessness
  • Exercise to improve or maintain fitness and physical function
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Breathing pattern re-education
  • Cough strength assessment
  • Spirometry screening for monitoring long term lung health
  • Advice and education to support understanding and self-management of conditions
  • Support with CPAP, ventilation and oxygen therapy
  • Close monitoring of medical conditions and early recognition of deterioration
  • Coaching to improve health behaviours and assist lifestyle change

The LRS Respiratory Physio Team:

At LRS, our Physiotherapists are engaged and passionate respiratory care enthusiasts. They currently work within the NHS and private sectors, with extensive experience treating a range of long term and acute respiratory conditions.

Our team have a broad understanding of respiratory physiology, exercise training, and the principles of behaviour change. Some of our team have further sub specialisations including sleep-disordered breathing, non-invasive ventilation, neurological related respiratory management and pulmonary rehabilitation.

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