Our Mission

Our Story

As clinicians working within hospital in-patient services, we recognise the difficulties patients and carers face when trying to access continued specialist care when discharging home. Patients recovering from acute illness or suffering with long term conditions, often discharge home at increased risk of medical deterioration without the care they require. This can leave them vulnerable and at increased risk of recurrent re-admissions into hospital care. With this in mind, LRS was set-up to provide patients, families and care teams with the resources they require to provide effective and responsive care in the community setting.

We pledge to provide the following for our service users:

  • Reduced risk of admission to acute facilities
  • Early, supported discharge from acute facilitates to home
  • Improved quality of life, by enabling individuals to remain within their own home, for as long as is safe and feasibly possible.

How do we achieve this?

  • Provision of highly specialised Respiratory Physiotherapy in the London community
  • Joint working with NHS and private multidisciplinary teams enabling the delivery of "collaborative care"
  • Early recognition of deterioration/exacerbation through supporting access to home diagnostics/specialist care.
  • Provision of specialist equipment which is financially and practically accessible, with clinical support.
  • Training of families and care teams to provide safe, confident and competent care for those living with long term respiratory conditions