Virtual COVID Clinic

Tested positive or experienced symptoms of COVID 19?

Experiencing persistent symptoms - e.g. Fatigue, breathlessness, muscle aches, brain fog, flu like symptoms?

Struggling to return to previous commitments - work, family, day to day tasks?

Difficulty returning to previous level of fitness?

Whether you have experienced mild or severe symptoms from COVID 19, we recognise the road to recovery can be slow and challenging. Symptoms can persist far beyond the initial infectious period, and in some cases can develop into longer-term health complications. LRS recognise the importance of having access to specialist Multidisciplinary care to support you during your recovery from COVID 19. Our Respiratory Physicians and therapy team are available to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current healthcare requirements, and recommendations for on-going medical care and therapy.

Call now for a virtual consultation with a Respiratory Physician and Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist.

Attending Clinicians

Virtual COVID Clinic

Dr Susannah Bloch

Respiratory Physician and Lung Cancer Specialist

**If appropriate Dr Bloch can see you in person at one of her practices convenient to you, and arrange all necessary medical investigations required

Virtual COVID Clinic

Barry Ford

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
London respiratory Specialists Ltd