COVID 19 Home Rehabilitation

Are you struggling to access the services or intensity of care you require to support your recovery after COVID 19?

The symptoms and complications associated with COVID 19 can cause significant limitations and disability. This can make it extremely challenging to work back towards previous life roles and responsibilities. You may find you are currently more reliant on the help of others to support your current situation. We also recognise that accessing on-going rehabilitation outside of the home environment to support your recovery may be challenging, especially if you are shielding or physically limited by your symptoms.

How can LRS Help

To help support you during this difficult time, LRS are able to deliver the rehabilitation you require in the comfort of your own home. All therapy is delivered with the appropriate personal protective equipment, giving you confidence when working with your therapist.

The LRS team have experience working with individuals recovering from COVID 19 and the complications associated with the virus. We can provide you with a personalised programme of rehabilitation, assisting you to move forward and achieve your personal goals.

  • Receive bespoke rehabilitation programmes to meet your personal requirements. These may include:
  • Fatigue management and pacing advice
  • Balance re-education, strengthening and mobility exercises
  • Management of respiratory symptoms e.g. breathlessness management
  • Specialist support for "long Covid" symptoms e.g. chronic fatigue
  • Specialist support for associated complications of COVID 19 e.g Neurological and musculoskeletal symptoms.

Get in touch and speak to our therapy team to find out more